The Need to Restore Faith in Humanity

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Barbara Hunter and Anna Sandidge me to weRodi, Pipiris, one of the viewers of my television show, Imagine Worcester and the World, recently told me that I have restored her faith in humanity.

My mentor,  the late Dr. Elise Boulding, said she had lost her faith in humanity–there was so much suffering, sorrow, war, and mistrust in the world.

I believe our faith in humanity will be restored by the implementation of the unique gifts and special calling of children of all ages.  I  believe it is vital that the generations learn from one another.  We need global citizens who are child-like in their innocence, generosity, sense of awe and wonder and in their curiosity, creativity and cooperative nature.

The qualities above are the best of our humanity needed now. We must discern and act from our unique gifts and special calling to address the leadership crises in community, institutional, national and global arenas.  Our faith in humanity will be restored by the implementation of the special calling of people after that have been given the toolbox of  Reconciliation Leaders.

Reconciliation Leadership is a distinct vocation, requiring reflection time first for new knowledge of one’s own values, gifts and talents. It arises from one’s integrity, special calling and skill building in learned behaviors, a philosophy of life to be at peace in oneself and in service to our planet – acting locally or globally.

Graduates of the certificate program have been introduced to the personal, interpersonal, group, systemic and global competencies of Reconciliation Leadership as well as its historic, visionary and pragmatic approaches for community institutional and global challenges.   Read what one Reconciliation Leader in Sudan, Sam Onapa, has accomplished in the practicum of his training: A Track Two Peacebuilding Process of Reconciliation

Here’s an article on how I started Reconciliation Leadership: “Finding peace through inner strength: Worcester writer helps others chart course in turbulent times.” by Pamela Sacks, Worcester Telegram and Gazette, September 1, 2006.

Watch for Reconciliation Leaders like Sam, to tell their stories on this blog how they are restoring faith in humanity in the next blogs.

Here is a powerpoint presentation on Reconciliation Leadership presented on October 17, 2013 at the United Nations Development Programme.  RLCP for UNDP 10172013 final

What do you think is needed to restore faith in humanity?