Reconciliation Leaders cultivate these attributes of leadership from the inside out:

  • An ability to claim leadership as a vocation, and define it as the ability to empower others from our sense of mission and purpose
  • Self-confidence and ego-strength, drawn from knowing, claiming and trusting one’s inborn gifts and talents
  • A willingness to face limitations and become aware of healing the unconscious ways leaders perpetuate the cycle of violence
  • The ability to face one’s limitations once you know your gifts and talents
  • Putting aside bias, not taking sides, and not engaging in triangling.
  • The ability to facilitate a relationship in which parties are fully engaged in an empathic and fully collaborative interaction
  • The competency to keep conflict at low levels, to problem-solve any misunderstandings and to prevent unhealthy reactions to conflict that could further escalate disputes to higher levels
  • The ability to facilitate harmonious, healthy, multiethnic communities, organizations, nations and global challenges