United Nations One Day Trips with Virginia Swain as Your Guide

You are cordially invited to organize a trip to the United Nations with Virginia Swain as your guide. With experience in the UN Community since 1991, Virginia will introduce people to the United Nations as well as share her vision for a sustainable peace.

  • Virginia will arrange a UN Tour of the Secretariat for you and your guests where you will learn UN history and see the magnificent art. The art alone is a stunning array of works from all over the world.
  • She will arrange a speaker on a major issue of today’s world of your choice.
  • Arrange a luncheon in the elegant United Nations Delegates Dining Room.
  • Travel one way (or round trip by arrangement) with you to both introduce the UN and help participants integrate their experience.

Transportation is the responsibility of the group or institution contracting Virginia’s Services. To learn about tour costs, contact Virginia at 508-753-4172, ext. 2.

A Biographical Note on Virginia Swain

With international experience on five continents as varied as United States Peace Corps teaching in Africa and the United Nations community since 1991, Virginia Swain is the founder and director of the Institute for Global Leadership and Co-founder and Executive Director of the Center for Global Community and World Law with expertise in global governance, the process by which humanity is evolving to political union.

Virginia served as a United Nations non-governmental organization representative and citizen diplomat since 1991. She gave seminars at the Earth and Social Summits in Brazil and Denmark. Virginia assisted in the preparations for the UN Beijing Women’s Summit, the US Committee for the UN Habitat for Humanity Conference and the 50th and 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For four years, Virginia served on the Executive Committee of the Coalition for a Strong United Nations and was the co-chair of the International Business Task Force. She was a plenary speaker at the Coalition’s conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the Copenhagen Social Summit.

Virginia was awarded the Peace Corps Third Goal Service Award for bringing Intercultural Understanding to Worcester and to the United Nations. She has been funded by various foundations to support her work in the United Nations in New York and United Nations Global Conferences, working with the United Nations Peace Process in the Philippines and working with Rwandan and former Yugoslavian refugees in the US.

She was invited to speak at the Hague Appeal in The Netherlands in 1999, the Millennium Forum and lobbying states for peace and disarmament issues. She has been active in the Global Compact, the United Nations’ partnership with business, the Academic Council for the United Nations and presented at such conferences as the State of the World Forum (1999, 2000), International Educators for Peace, the Comparative International Education Society, Global Education Associates, Global Structures Conference, Hague Appeal for Peace and the NGO Millennium Forum.

Virginia founded Mission-Focused Leadership (An Introductory Certificate Program) and Reconciliation Leadership (An Advanced Certificate Program) for emerging and seasoned leaders (www.global-leader.org).

Successful graduates of both certificate programs are eligible to join the Global Mediation and Reconciliation Service. The GMRS began in 1992 with a cornerstone large-scale organization development intervention at the United Nations, Celebration of the Children of the World. In the years since 1992 interactive, elicitive processes support solutions to climate change, food, poverty, humanitarian and financial crises have been developed to strengthen the GMRS.

Virginia founded the Institute for Global Leadership after her experience at the United Nations in New York on September 11, 2001, through which she has provided new leadership and development models for community, institutional, national and global challenges. She is the author of A Mantle of Roses: A Woman’s Journey Home to Peace (August 2004, XLibris).

Virginia’s teaching experience includes being an adjunct professor at Lesley, Salve, Clark Universities; Baypath College; Middlesex and Quinsigamond Community Colleges. She taught business, human resources and career courses, change management, cross cultural conflict, mediation, negotiation, leadership, organizational conflict and international relations.

Virginia’s latest book is My Soul’s Journey to Redefine Leadership: A New Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of 9/11 (Xlibris 2017). She has a television program on the internet that is available globally, https://www.wccatv.com/video/imagine-worcesterImagine Worcester and The World..