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The Institute for Global Leadership assists in coaching emerging and seasoned leaders and managers with personal, interpersonal, systemic and global competencies to achieve their strategic business goals. Clients and Business Partners who work with the Institute and Virginia Swain:

  • Are identified as potential leaders or managers in the organization and seek development.
  • Are advancing rapidly and need short term coaching support to ensure growth and continued success.
  • Have solid track records but are not currently performing because of personal problems or new professional challenges.
  • Experience difficulty in adapting to organizational change due to fear, anger or downward spiral physically, emotionally, or mentally.
  • Regard internal support, employee assistance programs, or their manager as inappropriate for certain discussions.
  • Have leadership positions and want to become a coach within the organization.
  • Need to improve risk-taking skills.
  • Need to learn intercultural skills and sensitivity to diversity.The process usually involves several months of private two-hour sessions with clients identified by themselves, their managers or the Human Resources Department. At an initial meeting between The Institute, the clients and the hiring manager, the institutional culture and goals for the client’s development are discussed. In cases where the Institute is a business partner, a meeting with the client follows to determine rapport, readiness and willingness to change. If there is emerging trust and mutuality in working together, then goals are established, issues identified, and action plans with timelines clarified. Confidentiality is ensured, and communication back to the manager is through a joint letter regarding goals, progress, and other issues for completion.

Value added to the organization includes, but is not limited to:

  • Focusing on individual strengths as a building block to face limitations.
  • Bridging individual motivation with applications for performance management.
  • Integrating link between personal and organizational goals to achieve personal integrity.
  • Clarifying differences between people issues and structural or systemic issues.
  • Providing a broad view of the leading-edge consulting information through international networking and reading.
  • Supporting sensitivity to diversity, ethical behavior and social responsibility through monitoring and/or mentoring training programs.

Virginia Swain, Director, has specific strengths to help her clients apply their learning appropriately to the complex demands of organizational life. She provides a confidential working environment where an emerging trust with her client can allow constructive change to take place. Virginia’s philosophy is not one of “fixing” people, but of a creative collaboration evoking and applying the latent health and talent within each client.
Virginia Swain has 25 years experience as a manager, consultant, coach and trainer in commercial and non-profit enterprises on five continents. Her experience includes human resource management, large system and culture change management, process consulting, career and life counseling; conflict resolution; gender and diversity issues management, cross-cultural and environmental sensitivity training; and engendering ethical business practices and social responsibility. offer confidential, non-judgmental coaching for leaders and teams for healthy responses to the daily stress and conflict of work and relationships.

“The primary leadership task in the new reality is the facilitation of transitions, and the first transition that a leader must tend to is his or her own. It requires letting go of traditional, but no longer relevant leadership roles and behavior and learning the new and very different leadership competencies of the future…leadership is a process that can be shared.” David Noer of the Center for Creative Leadership says in his book, (the following quotes are from their Issues and Observations Newsletter, Vol. 16, N. 2/3) Breaking Free: A Prescription for Personal and Organizational Change:
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