Reflective Leaders are practical and disciplined people, practiced in stepping back to assess personal and professional challenges. They are introspective and committed to having a calm, level-headed and caring presence to address personal and workplace challenges and change. They are introduced to the basic skills of a leader and the acquisition of personal, interpersonal and systemic competencies.

Reflective Leaders are clear about how to complete their projects—so our use of the word “reflective” encourages emerging and seasoned leaders to think about their work differently. Beyond hard work and strategic planning, people reflect on what is learned from their personal experience.

Individual Tutorials are offered in the following courses:

The Practice of Reflective Leadership

Introduction to the personal skills of Reflective Leadership. Reflection time is provided for new knowledge of values, gifts, and talents arising from personal integrity.

New Perspectives on Stress, Conflict, and Diversity

Introduction to the interpersonal skills of Reflective Leadership. Gain new tools and perspectives to address feelings and emotions -especially stress, conflict, self-defeating and culturally insensitive behaviors – in personally restorative and life-giving ways.

Writing a Personal Mission Statement

Become aware of core gifts and talents and form a one-sentence mission statement to articulate how to make a difference in the world.

Navigating Resistant Systems

The Reflective Leader learns how to introduce and sustain change in an institutional or community setting.


With Virginia Swain.


Individual work, under the guidance of Virginia Swain and scheduled at participants’ convenience. All learning from previous programs is applied to a personal, interpersonal or systemic challenge to integrate the teachings, skills, and the leader’s mission statement into their life and work.