Individual Tutorials

Reconciliation Leaders are practical idealists who use a systems approach and a toolbox to facilitate reconciling environments for challenges— family, community, organization, national or global.  The Reconciliation Leadership Certificate Program provides tools, techniques and vocational mentoring for personal, interpersonal, systemic and global skills for emerging and seasoned leaders.

Instructor:  Virginia Swain, Founder, and Director, Institute for Global Leadership

The Basic Reconciliation Leadership Certificate Program (34 hours)

Program Elements:

  • Writing a Personal Mission Statement 8 hours.
  • The Practice of Reconciliation Leadership 8 hours.
  • New Perspectives on Anger, Conflict, Cross-Cultural and Multiethnic Aspects of Reconciliation Leadership 8 hours.
  • Practicum 10 hours.

Advanced Program in Reconciliation Leadership (34 hours)

Program Elements:

  • Designing and Implementing Interventions for Community, Organizational, Systemic, National and Global Change 8 hours.
  • Coaching in Advanced Reconciliation Leadership 8 hours.
  • Coaching 8 hours.
  • Practicum 10 hours.

To register, please contact Virginia Swain at 508-753-4172 or 508-245-6843 or

All applicants must have a prior discussion with Virginia Swain to ensure resonance with the program’s values and ideals.

For information on how to apply and register:

The application process consists of an interview, application, and discussion with Virginia Swain, Director. Call 508-753-4172 or 508-245-6843 (mobile), or email vswain@global-leader.orgfor more information.

Individual 8-hour tuition rate is $795 each except the practicum. The basic and advanced programs are $2995 each. The total tuition for both programs is $5990.