Leadership Training and Coaching for Emerging and
Seasoned Leaders and Teams

For Professionals, Educators and Concerned Citizens in the Public and Private Sectors

The Institute for Global Leadership provides courses and programs for Reflective, Integrative, Reconciliation Leaders, Women who are Transformational Leaders and Child Leaders over seven years old..

Coaching and Certificate Programs are available for emerging and seasoned leaders who reclaim their personal life passion as it applies to leadership development. We have twenty-give years of leadership experience, combined with a Leadership Agility approach and assessment tools built into our programs as needed.

Four levels of competency developed are built into our programs—personal, interpersonal, systemic, and global. All programs are designed to balance bottom line needs with personal leadership goals.

Integrative Leadership: Leading Life from Your Passion Integrative Leaders are people committed to wholeness who acquire the three levels of competencies from the foundation of their life’s passion, a body-mind perspective and have a clear sense of purpose arising from your passion and vision. This training is designed to develop intentional people in a world where challenges are personal, interpersonal and societal. Integrative Leaders are able to lead others effectively in an uncertain world.

Reconciliation Leadership Courses and Certificate Programs are offered for emerging and seasoned leaders who facilitate the resolution of intractable challenges and crises as part of their life calling.

Reflective Leaders are practical, disciplined people, practiced in stepping back to assess personal and professional challenges by connecting introspection with a commitment to a calm, level-headed and caring presence to addressing personal and workplace challenges. They are introduced to the basic skills of a leader and the acquisition of personal, interpersonal and systemic competencies.

Women as Transformational Leaders claim their life passion, integrity, confidence, wellness, fulfillment and professional focus while leveraging their strength and mission to transform professional and organizational obstacles.

Children as Leaders (over seven years) are given coaching support and training to claim their personal life passion and speak on Virginia Swain’s television show, Imagine Worcester and the World.