The Global Mediation and Reconciliation Service mission is to awaken a vision for the United Nations and the international community as a body that will not use force at any level to make peace:

  • by inviting the Sacred in partnership with a peaceful settlement.
  • by custom designing preventive and post-conflict peacebuilding interventions in the wake of protracted conflict for nation-building.
  • by applying psychological techniques and spiritual perspective for accountability and forgiveness.
  • by reconciling victims and perpetrators across all the divisions of humanity.
  • by building on the experience of the truth and reconciliation commissions.
  • by offering hope and healing for human immobilization, trauma, frustration, anger, and hatred.
  • by offering a new political process based on a felt experience of global citizenship beyond divisions to resolve common problems.
  • by honoring each ethnic group’s traditional ways of resolving conflicts worldwide.


To commemorate the beginning of the International Decade of Nonviolence for the Children of the World (2000-2010), a Global Mediation and Reconciliation Service™ (GMRS) offers restorative and preventive peacebuilding in consultation and training services to develop Reconciliation Leadership as well as custom-designed interventions for global change.

The GMRS offers consultation and training services with trained Reconciliation Leaders bringing global community and political will to the world’s 21st century challenges — bringing closure and peaceful settlement to historic conflicted situations. We build on the experience of the eight Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, without the constraints of an official commission.

The GMRS offers restorative and preventive peacebuilding in an Asking the People Inquiry Process (ATP), the GMRS uses a visionary and historic approach to help individuals, groups and nations bring healing to the past, discover and claim a hopeful future. The GMRS is conceived to be applicable in all parts of the world, with respect to all cultures. The GMRS serves as a liaison among the international community, the United Nations, religions, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and diplomats.