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More About Virginia Swain

Virginia Swain, as Director of the Institute for Global Leadership, provides consultation and training to develop and support the personal and professional goals of existing and emerging leaders. Its purpose is to mentor leaders who act from their gifts and special calling; guide people and teams who lead others; provide consultation and training for leaders committed to a just, sustainable, intercultural and multiethnic global peace; provide dispute resolution services for family community, institutional, national and global challenges.

Virginia counsels, mentors and consults to individuals, families, organizations, institutions, communities, nations and international organizations on vocation, small and large system and culture change management, conflict transformation, gender and diversity issues management, cross-cultural and environmental sensitivity training, and engendering ethical business practices and social responsibility in the global marketplace. The Institute for Global Leadership provides resources for people who are committed to make a difference in themselves, their professions and work, their organizations, their relationships, and their world by providing ombudsperson counseling and mentoring services for harmonious, respectful, just and sustainable multiethnic community and institutional learning environments.

Virginia is an educator, ombudsperson, mentor and facilitator. She has training in spiritual direction and is a certified professional holistic counselor, manager, consultant, vocational counselor, and trainer. Virginia has advanced training in ethnic identity conflict, reconciliation, training in conflict transformation and advanced skills for the peacebuilder. Her 25 years of work experience include being a human resources and marketing manager for a multinational corporation. Virginia began her work as an external consultant in 1986 in San Francisco, moved her practice to Connecticut and now works in New York and Worcester. Virginia has custom-designed over 250 consultations and trainings for business and global education. Their mission is to engender a cross-sectoral approach to partnering for the common good — bringing business, society, philanthropists, and politics together by strategizing outreaches for social and economic development in local and international settings.

Virginia has taught Managing in a Global Economy and Negotiation and Mediation in Global and Organizational Settings from her holistic perspective and experience as adjunct faculty at Lesley College School of Management, Leadership for the United Nations and the Harmonization of Nations and Designing and Implementing Interventions for Global Change at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI, and Change Management, Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution and Leadership at Clark University in Worcester, MA.

As a former executive committee member of the Boston-based Coalition for a Strong United Nations since its founding in 1993, which offers public education through 12 conferences to Greater Boston citizens in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Library, Virginia co-chaired the International Business Task Force. In 1996 Virginia co-facilitated a working group through the UN Secretary-Generals Office on industry-specific codes of conduct for business practices in 1996.

Virginia's Master’s Thesis Project at the United Nations, Celebration of the Children of the World: A Model for Building Global Community™, was a pilot project of a cross-sectoral global mediation and reconciliation service developed over fourteen years. The work has evolved to address post-conflict peacebuilding and to provide a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach to global challenges.

Virginia co-facilitated workshops at the Global Forum, the parallel conference for the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and the UN Social Development Summit in Copenhagen conference in 1995, The World Social Summit. Additionally, Virginia has served as a United Nations NGO representative and citizen diplomat since 1991 and she co-convened an NGO working group on financing Agenda 21 at the Commission of Sustainable Development follow up to the Earth Summit in 1993. Virginia also works globally for women's issues and has been a member of the UN women's caucus since 1992. Virginia has been an NGO delegate to the Commission on the Status of Women (UN) and the last preparation conference for the 1996 Beijing Women's Conference.

Her articles include Coexistence and Reconciliation Leaders in a Global Economy; "A Vision for a 21st Century Leadership" (Breakthrough Magazine, Global Education Associates (1998), "The United Nations, Servant Leadership and a Peacebuilding Institute" (Abolishing War, 1998), "Re-Imagining the Urban Environment: Strengthening Collaborative Relationships in the Inner City, 1997), "The Interrelationship of Individual and State Cooperation for Peacebuilding. The International Institute for Peace Agenda for Peace and NGOs Conference, Vienna (1994), "International Cooperation: Its Roots in Individual Responsibility" Global Ascendancy: Local and Global Challenges in Education and Development Conference at the Comparative and International Education Society (1995), with Dr. Joseph Baratta (1995).

Virginia, as co-founder of the Center for Global Community and World Law, has expertise in global governance, the process and structure by which humanity is evolving to political union and world peace in a global economy. The Center provides research, education and publications in a think tank to support the goals of the United Nations Charter through the harmonization of nations.

Virginia Swain, MA
The Institute for Global Leadership
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