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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a program of the Institute for Global Leadership designed to provide mission-oriented people life coaching and training to act from their unique gifts and special calling in their family, marriage, relationship, retirement and/or career. For more information and to schedule your own custom-designed program, call Virginia Swain at 508-753-4172. Possible approaches might be:  


Module 1: Life Effectiveness and Personal Renewal

  • Rediscover awe and wonder in daily life
  • Clarify your personal passion and mission
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts, anger, stress, and self-defeating behavior
  • Overcome fear of failure and success 

Module 2: Development of Your Focus

  • Eliminate the dichotomy of a work self versus a true self
  • Create a support system for high personal and job satisfaction
  • Integrate one's spirituality in work and relationships

Module 3: Renewal of Relationship Life

  • Reconcile estranged family members
  • Learn effective parenting skills
  • Prepare for and live in fulfilled marriage and family life
  • Resolve man/woman relationships in work and family life

Module 4: Renewal in Work Life

  • Gain competency giving feedback without alienating others while while keeping trust
  • Appreciate diversity and the role of healthy conflict in the workplace
  • Learn the role of an individual in transformation of organizational life


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