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"I'm learning how to care about myself more and to find my special gifts — to do what I need to do to make myself happier. The result is that when I'm happy, others around me are happier."

—Shelley Welch, Niantic, CT

"Primary, I believe, is the fact of Virginia's personal congruence and integrity within herself, which is fundamental in the effectiveness of her work. I have experienced her as very caring, very intuitive, and with an instinctive ability to sense the type of contribution applicable to a given situation. Virginia connects with people at an essential level. She has an unusual gift of empathy, and can 'tune-in' to a person at a deeper level, thereby enabling her to offer very sensitive and specific insights.

"The work that Virginia did with me could be described as a process of re-empowerment. As external obstacles appear, individuals often become reactive and get caught up in the details of a given problem. Unfortunately, from that place it is difficult to see appropriate solutions. One of Virginia's gifts is the ability to assist in achieving a higher level of awareness, from which more possibilities for coping strategies become apparent. It is my belief that people are the best source of solutions to their own problems. Virginia is one who can help people access their own inner wisdom and apply it effectively. This is a
rare and special gift, which enables her to render rare and special service as a consultant."

—Walter Scott, Jr., Chairman of
Integral Consulting Group and
co-founder of Scott, Woolf and Associates,
Human Resource Development for Organizations,
Palo Alto, CA

"Virginia has valuable insights to the way people interact. This grasp of our inner nature allows her to quickly bring hidden problem areas to light. This was a great asset in achieving a smoother operation of a people-oriented business.

—Conrad Seifert, Attorney-at-Law,
Old Lyme, CT.

"Virginia creates an atmosphere in which it feels comfortable exploring new ways of being in the world."

—Pamela Sorenson, Librarian,
Laramie, WY

"What I liked about working with Virginia was her gentleness, and that it wasn't scary. I liked feeling at ease when exploring new things about myself. Virginia guided me, gently leading me through the dark passages into the light and peaceful side of myself."

—Viveka Wikburn, Teacher,
Upsala, Sweden

"Virginia's intuitive sense of people, her gentle and loving guidance and her technical skills create profound movement, change and growth. Because she embodies the higher values with which she works, she offers a rare congruent model for people who wish to enhance their lives in the workplace."

—Dr. Patricia Montgomery, Author of
Mythmaking: Heal Your Past, ClaimYour Future,
Professor of Women's Studies, Portland, OR

"Thanks again for working with us through a difficult but growing time. You have helped to guide me towards insights into myself that I had been unable to break through before alone. I am astounded at these insights. As you have facilitated this process of seeing more clearly, I am able to untangle knots that have limited my growth and love."

—Bobbie Pace, Co-Owner,
Turtle Island,
New Haven, CT

"Virginia's an expert at helping people take their first definite steps to a new direction in their life by bringing their inner truths into their daily lives. Virginia helped me to validate and believe in what I was doing by facilitating and clarifying what I wasn't totally sure about."

—Jonas Himmelstrand, Konsult,
Uppsala, Sweden

"In an accepting, caring, and creative environment, Virginia Swain helps her clients open to expanded possibilities for themselves, teaching them concrete tools to apply new self-awareness and responsibility, in themselves, their family and work life."

—Margaret Ledger, Manager,
Technology Competency Development Group,
Digital Equipment Corporation,
Littleton, MA (now Compaq Corporation)