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Consultation and Training for Emerging and Seasoned Leaders

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International Advisors

Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Palestinian scholar and author, American University

Anne Goodman Adelson, Womens Voices for Peace, Canada

Marijana Ajzenkol, Croatia

Hizkias Assefa, Nairobi, Kenya

Farida Azizi, Norwegian Church Aid, Afghanistan

Professor Joseph Preston Baratta, Worcester State College, Worcester, MA

Elise Boulding, Professor Emeritus, Dartmouth College, Needham, MA

Patricia de Caires, Pioneers for Change, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sr. Agnes Carmel of Zamboanga, Philippines

Sam Doe, West African Peacebuilding Network, Gana

Saeed A.K. El-Maquadham, Palestinian Center for Helping Resolve Community Disputes, Gaza

Jeston Katongo, Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation, Zambia

Norbert Kenne, Ecumenical Service for Peace, Cameroon (in memoriam)

Priscilla Joseph Kuch, Sudan Council of Churches, Khartoum

Winston Langley, Professor, International Relations, University of Massachusetts

Fidele and Krista Lumeya, Congo

Patricia Hostetter Martin, Co-Director, Summer Peacebuilding Institute, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA

Professor Patricia Mische, Global Education Associates, Antioch University

Bakamana Mouana, Muinda Project for Peace, Congo

Ama Mundi, Cameroon

Rev. Erisa Mutabaazi, Rwanda

Raghda Quandour, Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, Amman

Grace Jimeno Rebollos, Western Mindanao State University, Philippines

Andrew Rusatsi, S.J., Hekima College, Nairobi, Kenya

Elisee Rutagambwa, S.J., Burundi

Roberto Soarces Cabral, E. Timor

Tamar Tsikhistavi, Georgia

Paulette Vigeant, Pegagogue and Consultant, UNESCO, Montreal

Patricia Walker, Director, Center for Spirituality and International Development, Chicago, IL

William Woodward, University of New Hampshire

Beatrice-Claire Zounmenou, West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, Benin