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"Virginia has helped us identify the root of our conflicts. She has helped us to develop conflict resolution skills so that in the future we can better affirm each other and deal with issues as they arise. Her methodology has been very effective. She has been available to all and her non-judgmental approach to listening is extraordinary. Her teaching skills help develop new behavior. I strongly recommend her."

—Charles Corr, Associate Director of Operations,
Office of the University Publisher,
Harvard University

"You have such talent for bringing people together — you are open, trusting and creative. You are as an artist arranging different colors on a palette and inviting others to paint. An exciting picture!"

—David DePalma, Organizational Consultant,
Center for Creative Change,
New Haven, CT

"Virginia is the best networker I know. She has the great gift of being able to contact people on a heart level with love and deep understanding. She works well with groups and is a dedicated worker."

—Peter Caddy, Co-Founder,
The Findhorn Foundation,
Forres, Scotland

"Working with you has been a source of inspiration and a point of growth. I look forward to the time when we may work together again."

—David Karchere, Manager,
New York

"Virginia has valuable insights to the way people interact. This grasp of our inner nature allows her to quickly bring hidden problem areas to light. This was a great asset in achieving a smoother operation of a people-oriented business."

—Conrad Seifert, Attorney-at-Law,
Old Lyme, CT

"For me, the course you taught at Clark University, Cross-Cultural Conflict Management, instantly opened my eyes to the many obvious and subtle cultural differences that exist in our everyday life. During the course, I began to open my mind to be consciously aware of these differences and ways to effectively and compassionately deal with them during conflict. The course allowed me to fully integrate many cultural differences into my own life so I can become a much better person."

—Brian Allen, Assistant Business Manager,
Worcester Public Schools,
Worcester, MA