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Career and Life Direction Modules—
Assessment, Passion/Mission Statement, Action Plan

The Institute for Global leadership will help you assess your job, career or vocational needs and goals as well as design a flexible and constructive plan to meet those goals. Your personal program might include one-on-one coaching, assessment testing, confidence and skill building, addressing the following career services:


Career Assessment Intensive

Individual sessions include giving career assessment, college major and later life direction. This module offers participants an opportunity to learn and integrate the following instruments as a way to find professional options where your values, interests and abilities intersect:

  • Career Occupational Preference System (COPS)
  • Enneagram
  • Jungian Inventory

Career Confidence Intensive

This module will assist you to:

  • Recognize your passion, mission, core gifts and talents.
  • Confirm your special calling and integrity.
  • Learn to access your deepest hopes and dreams with confidence.
  • Write a personal mission/passion statement.


Career Action Plan Intensive

This module will assist you to:

  • Apply your mission statement to daily life and work.
  • Write a personal action plan for your calling.
  • Implement the plan with confidence.
  • Prepare a resume, references anda cover letter that reflects your career strengths and achievements.
  • Design a marketing program using the most effective job search methods and current market research techniques.
  • Productive Job Sourcing Networking, informational interviews, advertisements, agencies, interviewing skills that can help you negotiate your way to a better new position and job offers.
  • Preparing for the Job Interview
  • Interview profile: Tell Me About Yourself
  • Post Interview Evaluation
  • Evaluating Offers
  • Job Transition: managing the learning curve, conflict and performance issues.


Custom programs and individual one-hour sessions are available.

Call Virginia Swain 508-753-4172 or 508-245-6843 for information.




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