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The Institute for Global Leadership

Consultation and Training for Emerging and Seasoned Leaders

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Who We Are

The Institute for Global Leadership provides confidential, compassionate and skilled guidance, consultation and training to help emerging and seasoned leaders and teams through change, challenges and crises. We recognize all human beings, institutions, nations and multilateral entities for their uniqueness, need and capacity for transformation.


Virginia Swain is the CEO, Founder and Director. Click here for more about Virginia Swain. 

We are members of the Global Compact, the Academic Council of the United Nations, and many other networks of cross-sectional leaders and teams. Click here to view all of our affiliations.

The Institute for Global Leadership has formed an alliance with ChangeWise, a leadership and organization development firm based in Concord, Massachusetts. Most of the services provided by ChangeWise are based on the award-winning book, Leadership Agility, co-authored by Bill Joiner, President of ChangeWise.

The alliance is based on a recognition that our firms provide complementary services, united by a shared conviction that real leadership and organization development are fundamentally rooted in human development. As a result each firm will be able to extend its range of services for clients.

Together we offer a constellation of services geared to building the capacities needed to respond effectively to today’s complex, rapidly changing conditions.

Principals of ChangeWise, Bill Joiner, MBA, Ed.D., and Debbie Whitestone, LICSC, Ed.D.


For more information, go to the Alliance with the Institute for Global Leadership.

Virginia Swain is a senior consultant with Community Resource and Renewal Center: A Center for Personal, Professional and Organizational Renewal in Tiverton, Rl.